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What kind of stories should I write?
  We want stories by real people about living in the Lehigh Valley. When folks come to town, what do you tell them? Tell us about the people and places that mean something to you. Tell us why you love living here.
What if I'm not a good writer?
  This isn't a magazine. It's not a literary contest. Storymill is about giving an honest voice to real people, which means you! Don't worry about spelling. Don't worry about grammar. We don't want it professional. Write like you're sending a letter to a friend.
Will someone ask me for money?
  Lehigh Valley Storymill is completely non-commercial. It's a cooperative publicity campaign aimed at increasing exposure for local non-profits.
Someone's making money. What's the catch?
  It's as simple as it sounds. When people read about the Storymill Partners, they'll be more likely to visit and volunteer their time.
Do you get the copyright to my stories?
  No, you own your words. You can use your stories for any purpose. If you sell it to a magazine that wants exclusive rights, we'll remove it.
Do you reject any stories?
  While we won't reject stories based on quality, we do reserve the right to reject stories that are 1) for adults only, 2) mostly about politics or ideology, 3) the work of someone else, 4) unrelated to the Lehigh Valley.
Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Questions or comments? Please contact us.

or send to

Lehigh Valley Storymill
1838 Alder Lane
Bethlehem, PA 18015

If you need to talk with a real person, call the folks
at Immuexa during business hours at 610-797-3100.

What is Immuexa? 
  Immuexa Corporation makes custom-built software and websites. Located in the Lehigh Valley, they made the Storymill website and the software underneath it. They also host and maintain the site.
What's in it for them?
  Immuexa will someday make money from the software, not the site itself. Storymill (the underlying software) is a commercial product, but the Lehigh Valley Storymill (the website) will remain non-commercial.
Okay, so why are you really doing this?
  We're doing this because the Storymill Partners have enriched our lives. They're our reason we love the Lehigh Valley.

What's yours?
  The name "Storymill" is a trademark of Immuexa Corporation.
All stories are copyright by their respective authors.
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